We are IrReverend Ray and Godless Amy.  We once hosted a news and information podcast show called Secular Yakking.  We did this for 3 years and now we are back and taking on a new endeavor.

Robert the one obsessed with needing to do podcasts had read the bible only to Numbers and Amy the one that must constantly rescue him from his obsession had never officially read the bible.  

So now we have decided that we would read it and give our comments to you.  But since that has already been done by others far more competent and funnier then us, we have decided to put our own little twist on the readings.

Each week we will be reading a section from the Bible, The Quran, or the Book of Mormon.  And we will be finishing out the fourth week with a little sanity from a speech by Robert Green Ingersoll.

So sit back and enjoy our husband and wife team as we explore three of the holy scriptures and share our uncensored thoughts on them.  

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